Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Can You Tell Me About Your Faith?

If I ask you to tell me about your faith,
and you tell me who it required you to harm today,
I don't want to know any more.
If you are proud that today your god
called you to make sure that this couple did not have a wedding cake.
And that 14 year old trans-boy couldn't use any bathroom safely,
I don't want to know any more.
If you worked hard so
that people knew that your god found this one foul
and that one unacceptable,
if you spent your day judging the sins
of everyone that you met
so that you could list all the reasons that your god wanted you
to turn them away,
(don't dare to tell me the pain you caused will save them)
I don't want to know anymore.
If you made sure to vote so that
the full time minimum wage worker couldn't support her family
and that none of your tax money went to feed
the dad with 8 children and no job,
if you worked hard so that Muslims and Sikhs
and even Buddhists were afraid to practice their own religion
in your country which is also their country,
if you declared that is was only right to turn away
who didn't have the right papers
or the right language,
to pass by on the other side of the road
and to look away from their pain and their blood,
I don't want to know anymore.
I don't want to know about a god so small that it rejoices
in pain.
If I ask you about your god, and you cannot tell me
one person
that you fed today,
one person that you clothed
one person that you helped to find a way forward
out of darkness into light,
one person who can never repay you
but you did it anyway- I don't want to know anymore.
I will know you by what you have done for the least of us all.
So tell me. Can you tell me about your faith?

(This is a repost of something I wrote on Facebook)

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